Buborék Playhouse :: House Rules

Buborék Playhouse Services

Dear Parents and Kids,

The purpose of this policy is to ensure all children and their minders take care when spending time in the Bubble Playhouse, in compliance with this policy. Once you enter the playroom you must comply with the policy and any misconduct can result in removal from the playroom.

Who can be our guest?

Children must be accompanied by an adult and before starting the game you must register. Before entering the playroom the child’s supervisor must check they are in good health and not ill or carrying infection diseases.


It is the parent or supervisor’s responsibility for the child when in the playhouse, if any personal injury occurs The Playhouse excludes liability.

Please insure any medical conditions are declared as the playroom cannot be held responsible for any incidents appertaining to a pre exsisting medical condition. (Epi pens for allergies, and asthma puffers.)


You can only use the Playhouse if you buy tickets, prices are as stated on the current price list placed by the cashier. The ticket allows you a one time admission, and it cannot be used by anyone else. Discount coupons or certificates can only be accepted prior to purchase.

Dress in the Playhouse

It is not possible to enter the playhouse in shoes, only non slip socks can be worn. Jewellery and other accessories must be removed before entering. Girls should tie their hair up to avoid any injury.

Use Games

At least one parent or supervisor must go to the games with the child. All games must be used as illustrated in the rules around the playhouse or the explanation given. Any defects must be reported to staff members. If there is an accident the first aid box is located by reception. Games must be used in a safe manner as instructed, you cannot jump from the slide, you cannot place any objects on toys and you must put toys back on the shelf / the place once done. Items in the Baby-Mum corner should not be taken into the Playhouse. If you do not follow the rules you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Compensation, other sanctions

Any damage caused the equipment will be chargeable. Any intentional damage will be reported to the police.

Imported objects

Only small bags may be taken into the Playhouse, large bags must be left in the lockers available. Sharp and fragile objects must be left in storage by the cashier. We cannot be held responsible for valuables left unattended. In the event of damage to personal items the Playhouse is not liable. Prams cannot be pushed through the play area, only in the buffet.

Use of cupboards

All valuable items, glasses, clothing should be placed in the dressing room. The Playhouse doesn’t take any responsibility for any loss or damage to items.

Dining in the Playhouse

For hygiene no food or drink is to be taken into the Playhouse. All food/drink purchased at the buffet must be eaten in the designated zones.

Making photos and videos

Photos or videos taken in the Playhouse can be used for promotional purposes by The Playhouse without any financial claim. Any photo or video produced by the Playhouse is owned by the Playhouse, and the rights are exclusively owned by the Playhouse.

Cleanliness and order

If you experience any problem please report it to the playhouse staff immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.